The idea of fat making us fat has been instilled in us since the beginning of time — okay, that might be an exaggeration, but you get our drift. The war on fatty foods has persisted for decades and consumers have been weeding out butter, cheese, meats and et cetera, from their diets. You’d think that logically, you should cut the fat in order to lose the extra pounds. You’d think. In reality, customers end up reaching for fat-free products which, unlike natural foods that contain a mix of good and bad fats, are processed with a baffling amount of… you guessed it — sugar. And if you don’t know by now, sugar makes you fat.

But what exactly does sugar have to do with fat-free foods?

Fat-free food is a haven for sugar

We know how fat adds an intensely savoury flavour to food. Say you’re used to adding chunks of butter on toast, but if you remove the fat, it loses it tastiness, and you’ll have to add something else to make it flavourful — so you reach for that jar of jam.

Well, that’s exactly how fat-free foods are made.

And, oh boy, how the food manufacturers have leveraged on the fat-free crusade. They add truckloads of sugar to make up for the lack of taste in food items, and all that sugar makes you fat!. The next time you’re chowing down on these “healthier” food options, remember that excess sugar consumed into our bodies is converted to fat, the one thing that you were trying to avoid in the first place. Yes, totally counterintuitive.

Don’t fruc with fructose

Fructose is the devil —you can read more about that here, so when you consume copious amounts of fructose, be it through a fat-free protein bar or a jar of white sugar, your liver works overdrive.

Unlike glucose which is easily metabolised by your body, fructose can only be broken down by the liver. Your poor liver. If you have been reading our weekly posts, you should know what happens next. —you spike your blood sugar, and after a sugar crash, you will be hungrier than you were to begin with.

Anytime you reach for a fat-free product, be sure to read its nutritional content and remember that sugar makes you fat.

Sugar is sorcery that makes you fat

It’s easier to skip a bucket of fried chicken than a slice of chocolate cake, but why?

Well, according to Dr. Mark Hyman, author of 10-Day Detox Diet, sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. Sugar has effects similar to hard drugs and it is no wonder why you would reach for another scoop of ice-cream since sugar affects the same neural pathways as narcotics.

Unlike fats, sugar can get you hooked, and while we are definitely not suggesting you go on a fat-filled eating spree, chances are you will feel more satisfied after a cheeseburger than you would after a pint of your favourite ice-cream (we don’t want to get sued by name-dropping).

Not all is doom and gloom, if you want to give up sugar, there are many ways for you to curb your cravings or if you’re looking for healthier alternatives, there are plenty to choose from.

So, before you give fats the finger, remember that the real culprit is sugar.