You are in the office and feeling kind of peckish. Not to worry as you’ve got this covered with your battalion of healthy snacks. Delicious yoghurt, nuts, fruits and health bars. No potato crisps, cookies and chocolate bars in sight because you know that they are unhealthy and loaded with public enemy numero uno, SUGAR. But have you truly evaded its sticky claws with your seemingly pristine choices? Think again!

Yes, a handful of nuts can be a much healthier choice when compared to a chocolate chip cookie, but pick one coated in flavoured shells or that is honey roasted and you have chalked up the same amount of sugar or more! So how does one pick the right choices? Fret not as we’ve put together a list of snacks to avoid and another filled with sugar-free yet tasty alternatives that will leave you feeling satisfied without spiking your blood sugar.


Snacks to avoid

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sure studies have shown that dairy-free dark chocolate is actually beneficial towards cardiovascular health and helps boost your mood, but not in the form of those naughty, sugary little disks. Not even those tiny conveniently-packed snack-sized packets. Due to the amount of sugar used in processing, a single pack will easily pump about 18 grams of sugar right into your system.

Peanut Butter

There aren’t many people alive who hate peanut butter. This protein-packed childhood staple goes really well as a dip with healthy fruits, veggies and spread across crackers. When you reach out for that jar during your next trip to the supermarket, turn it around and have a good look at the nutrition label. Not all peanut butters are created equal.  Some of them are dripping in sugar; up to 11 grams per serve. To make your snack count, go for the completely sugar-free, 100% peanut butter ones or less-sugar-added choices.

Jerky and Meat Sticks

Another protein-packed snack, but just because it tastes savoury, doesn’t mean it isn’t hiding any sugar. Depending on the flavours offered, some brands add in various kinds of sugars such as brown, raw, cane, honey or even concentrated fruits juices. Always remember to read the label and try to pick ones that have less than 5 grams of sugar in the entire pack.

Fruity Yoghurt

Yoghurt has always been considered a powerhouse snack filled with wholesome goodness like protein, calcium, potassium and gut-friendly, naturally-occurring probiotics. How could anyone go wrong with a pot? Open up one of those fruit-flavoured ones and you could potentially be slipping up to 30 grams of sugar down your throat! Gulp…


Snacks You Should Eat

Traditional Greek yoghurt is a great sugar-free bet. Try not to go for the ones that come with added fruit or honey but even if you did, it’s still less sugar than flavoured yoghurt at 16 grams per cup. Spice up greek yoghurt with fresh fruit like low-sugar blueberries, granola or a touch of honey.

Hard Boiled Eggs

One of the most nutritious foods on the planet, each hard-boiled egg contains less than a half-gram of sugar. Eat 2 and you get 20% of your daily need for Vitamin B and protein covered. Plus, it’ll keep you satiated for longer!

String Cheese

Another midday snack that will keep you satisfied for longer, cheese is very low in sugar at about 3 grams per serve. Prep a little platter with fruits and crackers and you’ll be the envy of your co-workers!


Grab a fistful of almonds and your heart will thank you. This snack is loaded with monounsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids and comes along with lots of fibre, protein, calcium and no sugar, as long as you avoid salt and sugar-laced variations. Can’t handle raw almonds? Try cashews, macadamias or pistachios instead.


Try out these low sugar snacks and you’ll find yourself alert, more satisfied, keeping that end of the day sugar crash at bay!