low-sugar fruits to add to your diet

5 Low-Sugar Fruits You Should Add to Your Diet

There are numerous healthier sugar alternatives that will help you cut your sugar intake. It is true that we need sugar to survive, but what...
cinnamon is a great sugar alternative

Sugar Alternatives: 22 Every-Day Sugar Substitutes

Earlier on talked about natural sweeteners you can use as sugar alternatives, but those were only the tip of the iceberg. We already know...
Control Diabetes - thesugarcrisis.sg

Control diabetes by changing your lifestyle

With lifestyle changes across the world, the number of diabetics is increasing. In a prosperous country like Singapore, the percentage of people suffering from...
reversing diabetes - reality or myth

Reversing diabetes – Reality or Myth

Reversing Diabetes is a much debated topic these days. Some say it's entirely possible and others say it's not. Let's explore these methods further....
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5 Ways to Curb Your Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is real and it is probably one of the hardest things to fight. Sugar is literally everywhere — no thanks to food...
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Sugar is Really Bad for You and Here’s Why

The health and fitness industries have seen many a trend over the decades from fat-free diets in the early 90s to people avoiding carbs...

Why early detection is key to managing diabetes

Early detection of diabetes can result to people being able to still live meaningful lives. Prediabetes is potentially reversible, but early detection is vital to help delay the development of type 2 diabetes and the life-altering events to which it can lead.

The Low Fat Sugar Conspiracy

An interesting look at how all this came to be and what started the Sugar Crisis in the first place.